LOCATION: Quality Hotel and Conference Center, 36035 North Parallel Rd, Abbotsford, BC V3G 2C6

Pinnacle 2/3/4

We are excited to announce the fourth annual BC Poultry Symposium (BCPS). Producers, allied trades, service persons, nutritionists, poultry scientists, veterinarians and other industry professionals are invited and encouraged to attend this meeting.

‘Discovery, Innovation, Solutions’ will cover a large range of the most important issues facing the poultry industry today. The meeting agenda will allow for people to share their knowledge and experience regarding poultry health and management with the poultry industry in a presentation format.

The registration fee for BCPS-DIS is $10.50 ($10.00 + $0.50GST). A working lunch is sponsored for meeting attendees. We look forward to seeing you this May.

Please click below to register online as an attendee or a partner: www.regonline.ca/BCPS-BCPoultrySymposium2018 For more information please visit www.bcpoultrysymposium.com

| Attachments:  BCPS 2018 Registrant Invite Letter with A Call For Presentations.pdf