Canadian Poultry Consultants Ltd.

Specializing in Integrated Poultry Health Management


Stewart Ritchie | BSc. (Agr), MS, DVM, Diplomate ACPV

Gigi Wing Chi Lin | BSc. (Agr), DVM

Our Mission Statement

Canadian Poultry Consultants Ltd. has been serving the Canadian poultry industry since 1989. We are an innovative, private practice specializing in Integrated Poultry Health Management.

We provide advanced SOLUTIONS and TECHNICAL SUPPORT to the poultry industry with a strong focus on preventative medicine, flock management, flock performance, welfare, environmental sustainability & continued education.

We are proud to serve all levels of the poultry industry, including hatcheries, farms, processing plants, feed mills, marketing boards & government.

S.J. Ritchie Research Farms is a commercial broiler trial facility in Abbotsford, B.C. We provide veterinarian-monitored Commercial Floor Trials & Commercial Mini-Pen Trials and conduct hands-on Platinum Brooding® Classes.

S. J. Ritchie Research Farms Ltd. has recently been updated with computer and sensor systems designed to monitor and collect performance and environmental data in real-time. The farm has also been equipped with solar and rain-water recapture equipment to further study and improve on achieving optimal levels of sustainability.

At S.J. Ritchie Research Farms, we strive to be leaders in Integrated Poultry Health Management, Animal Welfare & Environmental Stewardship.


Before visiting this facility please avoid contact with poultry and other birds for the preceding 48 hours.

If this is not possible, please report that you have had contact with poultry in the previous 48 hours to our staff before entering the facility. Ensure that you have showered and changed into clean clothes before attending the course.

Please ensure vehicles are clean and park in the designated Canadian Poultry Consultants Ltd. parking lot (30325 Canary Court, Abbotsford, B.C., V4X 2N4).

Upon arrival at Canadian Poultry Consultants Ltd., please check in at the front office.

If entering the barn:

  • Please remove all caps/hats.
  • Cell phones and other electronics are not permitted.
  • Spray shoes with the disinfectant hose provided before entering the barn or office and utilize the foot baths/powder baths provided prior to entering the facility.

CPC staff will instruct on additional biosecurity protocols upon entering the barn.

Please note that this is a facility where students and visitors are regularly handling poultry. It is important to ensure that care with personal hygiene and sanitation is taking place while handling poultry.

Please ensure that you take care to wash your hands after handling poultry. Hand sanitizer is also available.


British Columbia Poultry Symposium 2020-2021

The inaugural meeting of the Western Meeting of Poultry Clinicians and Pathologists took place in Lake Louise, Alberta on October 2, 1990 and the inaugural British Columbia Poultry Symposium took place in Abbotsford, British Columbia on May 26, 2015.  These meetings have provided a very effective format for discussing success stories in addressing our challenges through exposure to expert speakers and the presentation of outstanding case reports.